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Behind the Design: Nancy Silverton x Made In Knife Collection

Go behind the scenes of our newest Knife Collection, designed in partnership with the legendary Chef Nancy Silverton.

By Emily Borst
Oct 12, 2023
nancy silverton in kitchen
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When our team set out to create the perfect Bread Knife, we knew there was only one person to turn to as the resident expert on bread itself: Chef Nancy Silverton. Now, we’re taking some of the learnings imparted during this design process and applying them to our Award-Winning lineup of knives.

The Nancy Silverton x Made In Knife Collection just launched. Read on for three features that make this collection just as special as our first iteration.

It’s All in the Details

We couldn’t just put out any old knife with Chef Silverton. In addition to our Award-Winning French construction—more on that in a bit—we focused on making each knife, down to the handle, emulate Chef Silverton’s precision and attention to detail. Each Knife in the Nancy Silverton Collection features an ivory micarta handle, hand-selected brass rivets featuring her insignia, and the official Chef Silverton stamp of approval, located right on the blade.

Chef Silverton herself explained the design decision with her usual attentiveness: “People focus a lot on the blade, but I love that these knives are also designed with a great handle that has a nice heft to it. When you go to slice or chop ingredients, it’s really important that it feels good in your hand. I wanted a white handle with beautiful brass rivets.”

Years in the Making

With Chef Silverton’s exacting specifications as our guide, we created the Platonic ideal of bread knives: a long, wide blade with exactly 24 teeth-like serrations, sharp enough to cut through even the crustiest loaf without crushing the crumb, featuring a stunning ivory micarta handle.

It wasn’t just her favorite, either—both the original 2020 launch and 2022 relaunch of this iconic blade sold out in a matter of hours. Thanks to the success of those original launches, we were (finally) able to bring the Chef Silverton ethos to our Chef Knife, Paring Knife, and Nakiri Knife, resulting in a full Chef Nancy Silverton Knife Collection that’s as elegant as its namesake.

French Construction

All of our Knives—Chef Silverton’s collection included—are forged in Thiers, France, the knife capital of the world and the birthplace of the modern chef knife. Each blade is forged by a 5th-generation bladesmith, hardened with nitrogen, and subject to both a fully forged and full tang construction for maximum strength and durability.

This extensive manufacturing process results in perfectly balanced blades that hold their edge for longer, meaning less frequent sharpening required on your end, and feel better in your hand than cheaper counterparts. Like the mastermind behind the collection, this Set will be at the top of its game for years to come.

Ready to Shop?

Whether you’ve been waiting for the chance to expand your collection of “Nancy knives” or are shopping her collection for the first time, we can’t wait for you to see this years-in-the-making collection.

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