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Decanter Only
Crafted by experienced artisans, the Decanter lets your wine breathe so you can experience it as the vintner intended.
  • Made of Crystal Glass
  • Anti-Abrasion Treatment
  • Fits One Bottle of Wine
  • Easy-Pour Neck

Crafted by artisans who have been producing the worldโ€™s finest glassware since the late 1800s, the Decanter is free of lead and heavy metals to be more durable and create a colorless clarity. We designed the Decanter with you in mindโ€”the surface area is large enough to accelerate aeration, yet compact enough to avoid crowding your table.

Decanting your wine exposes it to oxygen, which allows the wine to open up and have deeper, more complex flavor profiles. This allows older bottles to fully bloom, balancing their bouquet for a more nuanced flavor profile, and helps younger wines develop smoother, bolder flavors typically associated with older vintages. Durable enough to withstand over 1,500 industrial dishwashing cycles, the Decanter will be an essential part of your unwinding for years to come.

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