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Non Stick

Our Non Stick Collection begins as our Award-Winning 5-Ply Stainless Clad Cookware. We then add multiple layers of professional-grade Non Stick, creating an even-heating stainless base with a frictionless cooking surface that’s durable and easy to clean.

Three different-sized frying pans are laid out on a kitchen countertop next to a bowl of citrus fruits.

39 products
39 products
egg in non stick frying pan
Durable Non Stick Coating
From eggs to fish, nothing sticks to our professional-grade, FDA-approved coating.
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Close-up of a metal cooking pot on a gas stove with flames licking the bottom.
Made in Italy and the USA
Generational craftsmanship using proprietary cladding technology and an ergonomic Stay Cool Handle.
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A chef attentively seasons a dish at a stainless steel commercial kitchen counter.
Used in over 1900 Restaurants
The finest chefs use Made In Cookware in their kitchens night after night.
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