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Behind the Design: Fish Basket

Learn the inspiration behind our fish basket’s unique features.

By Izzy Johnson
Sep 23, 2022
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At first glance, a fish basket, or grill basket, seems like one of those hyper-specific, single use kitchen tools that gets brought out a few times a year before being put back in storage, but look a little closer. Fish baskets are useful for a variety of tasks, and despite the name, they can be used for more than just fish.

For his upcoming seafood restaurant Este, Chef Fermín Núñez of Suerte in Austin needed a fish basket that was up to the task. Many available on the market developed rust and corrosion, had weak hinges, and could not accommodate various types of fish without crushing them. So, in partnership with Chef Núñez, we designed our Fish Basket.

To correct the issues Chef Núñez had found with other offerings, our Fish Basket features stainless steel construction, a sturdy handle, and thoughtfully designed hinges. Find out why it’s a must-have grilling accessory for any home cook.

Stainless Steel Construction

Like all of our cookware, we wanted our Fish Basket to be durable enough to withstand the wear and tear of a professional kitchen. Fish baskets are typically made of wire, and the wire we chose was 304 stainless steel. To ensure that the metal doesn’t rust, discolor, or otherwise degrade over time, the food grade wire is electropolished. This also allows it  to withstand professional dishwashers as well as open flames up to 1000F.

A Sturdy Handle

Some grill baskets simply rest on top of the grill, which is fine for stationary cooking but requires you to reach over the flames to turn your ingredients. One of the best parts of our fish basket is that there’s no stirring necessary. Simply flip the basket using its stable, non-movable handle when you want your ingredients to cook on the other side. That way, everything, whether it’s whole fish or sliced vegetables, will cook evenly.

Thoughtfully Designed Hinges

Another flaw of grill baskets we noticed are the hinges. For our Fish Basket, we wanted to reduce unwanted movement during the cooking process, so the hinges were strategically placed before being securely welded to the basket frame. We also included a locking mechanism, which secures the fish or other ingredients so they don’t slide through, while also making sure nothing gets crushed.

Ready to Shop?

Our fish basket is just as at home in Chef Núñez’s professional kitchen as it is outside at a backyard BBQ. While it’s designed with fish in mind, it can also be used for grilled vegetables, flatbreads, or even fruit. Get the Fish Basket today and show us all the creative dishes you can make with it.