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Do Chefs Use Non Stick Cookware? The Answer May Surprise You

Non stick has a reputation as a home cook essential, but it's equally at home on the line.

By Team Made In
Jan 5, 2024
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Chances are, your first piece of cookware was a non stick pan. This staple material is certainly beginner-friendly, but that doesn't mean it isn't just as useful in professional kitchens, too.

In fact, non stick cookware is utilized in some of the world's best restaurants, day in and day out. Our Stainless Clad base paired with multiple layers of professional-grade Non Stick coating results in a pan loved by home cooks and restaurant customers alike.

Here, you'll find three ways chefs use our Non Stick Cookware and why they trust it to get the job done.

Perfectly Seared Fish

salmon in non stick frying pan

In order to achieve the balance of perfectly crispy skin and tender, flaky interior without sticking, fish should be prepared in a pan with superior temperature control and retention. Our 5-ply Stainless Clad base distributes heat evenly and effectively, promising flaky fillets and crispy skin without running the risk of overcooking.

Quicker Pasta Prep

Another reason chefs reach for our Non Stick is for quickly cooking pasta. Theyโ€™re able to add the sauce into the pan, followed by the noodles, then emulsify it together for a glossy finish. The superior non stick surface of our pans means nothing sticks and all the sauce ends up on your plate, rather than in the pan.

Countless Egg Dishes

A person is flipping a crepe in a kitchen setting using a non-stick frying pan.

While no non stick pan will last forever, high-quality construction and care make a difference. That's why chefs rely on our professional-grade Non Stick for brunch serviceโ€”whether scrambling eggs, rolling omelettes, or cooking frittata, eggs won't stick and cleanup remains easy, no matter how many times it's used in service.

Ready to Cook?

Now that you can see non stick belongs in restaurants as well as at home, it's time to make the switch to our professional grade Non Stick Cookware. Whether you're using it for late-night huevos rancheros or reheating leftovers, you're sure to see the difference it can make in even the simplest dishes.