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Do Non Stick Pans Work on Induction Stoves?

Short answer: It depends. Learn more about what to look for when you shop.

By Sasha Weilbaker
Jan 8, 2024
omelette in non stick frying pan
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Long known as the best tool for cooking up silky salmon, fluffy omelets, and the perfect pancakes, non stick pans are a favorite of home and professional cooks alike. The pan’s slick surface makes cooking a breeze and cleanup even easier, without sacrificing on performance.

However, with many switching over to induction cooktops for their energy efficiency, built-in safety features, and speedy heating, our team has received countless questions about whether or not non stick works with induction stoves.

The short answer is yes—but the explanation is a bit more complicated. We’ll dive into the specifics below.

What are Induction Stovetops?

Induction stoves heat cookware through electrical induction, which uses a magnetic field to send electric currents from the stove to your pot or pan. When compatible cookware is placed on the stove, a magnetic current is produced where the pot or pan touches the stovetop. When the stovetop is turned on, the pot or pan will heat almost instantly. Items that aren't magnetic—aluminum cookware, ceramic bowls, wine glasses, children’s fingers—are not compatible with induction cooktops, and will not heat.

While induction stovetops have been around since the 1970s, they’ve seen a surge in popularity in the last few years because of their quick heating time, energy efficiency, and built-in safety features—like the fact that an induction range isn’t hot to the touch like gas or electric coil ranges.

Do Non Stick Pans Work on Induction Stoves?

One of the few downsides to induction stovetops is that they work by creating a magnetic field between the pan and stovetop—meaning that induction-compatible cookware must also be magnetic.

If your current non stick cookware is made with an aluminum or ceramic base, they likely won’t be compatible with an induction stove. Those made from stainless steel, cast iron, or carbon steel typically are.

Induction-Compatible Non Stick Pans: What to Look For

To confirm whether or not your non stick pan is actually induction compatible, take a look at the pan’s packaging or the bottom of a pan you already own. If there is an “induction compatible” symbol, which looks like a coil of wire with 4 loops, your pan is compatible with induction stovetops.

You can also see if a magnet will either stick to or be repelled by the bottom of the cookware. If magnets interact with the cookware at all, it’s induction cooking-friendly.

Benefits of Using Non Stick Pans on Induction Stovetops

For quick cooking and easy cleanup, there’s no better combo than a non stick pan on an induction stovetop. Together, they maximize efficiency and performance, offering even heating and incomparable control. With these two tools combined, you can tackle everything from searing steak to crafting no-mess dishes like huevos rancheros.

Ready to Shop?

While not all non stick pans are induction compatible, those that are tend to be higher quality. In addition to being induction-friendly, our Non Stick Cookware features our Award-Winning Stainless Clad construction and two layers of professional-grade, endlessly durable non stick coating.