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Behind the Design: The Limited-Edition Cheese Knife

Aka, the ultimate hosting season essential.

By Emily Borst
Sep 14, 2023
cheese knife in cheese
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Prepare your charcuterie boards and brush up on your small talk skills: Hosting season is just around the corner. Luckily, our newest launch is just the piece you need to ensure you’re throwing the party, not just a party. Here are our three favorite deign features of this stunning charcuterie complement.

Versatile Blade Design

cheese knife on board

Rather than having a different knife for each type of cheese you plan on serving, our Cheese Knife was designed to be the only kind you need—combining aspects of the multitude of different cheese knife styles out there.

Some cheese knives are equipped with a “skeletal” design, featuring holes to prevent both hard and soft cheeses from getting stuck to the blade. We took the opposite approach and designed with our full-tang, fully-forged blade in a new shape, perfect for both easy cutting of hard cheeses (like Asiago or Gruyére) and spreading of soft cheeses (like Brie or Roquefort). Each blade is engraved with a unique edition number between 0001–1,400.

Pronged Tip

cheese knife on cheese board

The pronged tip at the end of the blade isn’t just there for show, it’s a game-changer for communal cheese boards. Once your cheese of choice has been sliced, skip the toothpicks (wasteful) or grabbing it with your fingers (unsanitary) and instead use the prongs to pick up your slice and put it on your bread, cracker, or straight into your mouth—we don’t judge.

Marbled White Krion Handle

cheese knife on countertop

Since the Cheese Knife is a new shape for us, it only made sense to pair it with our newest handle material. The Marbled White Krion Handle is modeled to look like marbled stone, and is both nonporous and easy-to-care-for. It’s not only an elegant and eye-catching addition to your cheese plate, but makes for a quick clean up after a long dinner party—the best of both worlds.

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As you’ve now seen, our Limited-Edition Cheese Knife isn’t just your everyday cheese knife—it’s the ultimate accessory for cheese plates, charcuterie boards, and any other hosting spread that will inevitably pop up. Get yours before they're gone for good.