Raemelton Polo Club T-Shirt

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About 100 years ago the intersection of Marion and Millsboro was considered to be in the middle of nowhere: the boonies, the back-country, the bush, the backwoods, the hinterlands (get it?). Upon this unspoiled land Frank Black, the founder of Ohio Brass, built his country estate, the Raemelton Farm. Named after the town in Ireland from which his father came, Raemelton soon grew to include a proper estate house, a dairy farm, and a riding arena and stables. The riding arena was completed in the 1930s and the Raemelton Riding Club --aka Polo Club-- soon began to organize polo matches for clubs from around Ohio. Regular matches would include Sunday afternoon teas to allow for socializing, the sipping of some giggle juice, and perhaps the futherance of a summer liaison (or two).

The Raemelton Polo Club T-Shirt attempts to commemorate that golden age. With a muted, sepia-like pallet, this t-shirt is readily coordinated with a Pimm's Cooler OR a Savoy Daisy. Printed on a heather colored Hanes Nano-T, "so light and soft, you'll fall in love with this T-shirt in a nano-second."