Why (419)



Our grandparents and parents made the machines that moved a nation. We are makers, it is our birthright. And while the shop floors might be smaller, we know that great things are STILL being made in the (419)… Take a look around, we think you’ll agree.

Made in the (419) is for us. For over a hundred years, industrial cities in northwestern Ohio have tumbled together with picture-postcard rural life. The result has been a unique and magical blending of town and country. We're a region of tough-as-nails steel workers, up-at-dawn farmers, homespun inventors, rebel creatives, and sensible family types. We're friendly, inviting and - most of the time - sort of overlooked.

The goods we sell are intended to give our customers a way to tell their story and connect with their tribe. It doesn't matter if you're from Toledo or Sandusky, Bellville or Bowling Green. We are all --in some way-- made in the (419).