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Crafted in the Knife capital of the world—Thiers, France—the Utility Knife is forged by a 5th-generation bladesmith and hardened with nitrogen gas. Its functional-first design combines the utilitarianism of German blades with the precision of Japanese knives. A serrated edge and manageable size makes every task effortless, whether that’s assembling a charcuterie board, prepping garnishes for drinks, or transforming fresh produce into tidy, symmetrical slices.

Instead of being cheaply welded together, all of our Knives are full tang and fully forged, meaning they are crafted from a single rod of stainless steel that extends from tip to handle—resulting in sharper, perfectly balanced blades.

Discover all that you can do with the Utility Knife.

Fully Forged

In Thiers, France, artisans use high pressure hammering to create a stronger and longer-lasting blade.

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Full Tang

Patiently crafted from a single rod of metal, a full tang knife offers more balance and fewer weak points.

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Committed to Craftsmanship

Forged by a 5th generation bladesmith in Thiers, France

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Professional grade, lifetime quality

The Ultimate Care Guide

Long lasting quality starts with the best materials and our expert manufacturers. With the right upkeep and maintenance, our cookware is designed to last generations.

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