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We partnered with the world’s best bakers to bring you the world’s best Bread Knife. Each rivet, serration and angle of this blade was designed with the inimitable Chef Nancy Silverton, a bread expert whose hands have shaped thousands of loaves.

All of our Knives are forged in Theirs, France—the knife capital of the world—by a 5th generation bladesmith and hardened with nitrogen. Instead of being cheaply welded together, each Knife is full tang and fully forged, meaning it’s crafted from a single rod of stainless steel that extends from tip to handle—resulting in sharper, perfectly balanced blades.

With a long, wide blade and 24 teeth-like serrations, the Bread Knife is sharp enough to slice through the softest loaves without crushing the crust. Discover Chef Silverton’s answer to the perfect Bread Knife.

Fully Forged

In Thiers, France, artisans use high pressure hammering to create a stronger and longer-lasting blade.

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Full Tang

Patiently crafted from a single rod of metal, a full tang knife offers more balance and fewer weak points.

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Committed to Craftsmanship

Forged by a 5th generation bladesmith in Thiers, France

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Designed with and loved by

World Renowned Chefs

When you grab those knives and you go to slice or chop, the handle should feel good in your hand. The Made In knives definitely meet that requirement and they also keep their edge, and that’s really really important
Nancy Silverton
Chef of Mozza, Co-Owner of Mozza Restaurant GroupLos Angeles, CA
Nancy Silverton - Knives