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How to Clean Wooden Cutting Boards

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Help to keep your board free from cracks, warping, and residue.

By Rachel Baron
Dec 19, 2023
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Buying your first “nice” wooden cutting board after a lifetime of chopping on plastic boards is one of the true marks of someone who takes cooking seriously. Not only is wood gentler on your knife than materials like marble, but it also “heals” itself after sustaining minor scratches, making it a more durable option than plastic.

Of course, wooden cutting boards also come with a slightly more complicated user manual than other types of boards. Not only does wood need to be hand-washed, but it also needs to be regularly oiled and conditioned to keep it safe. Here’s what makes wood so unique—and why it’s a little more high-maintenance than other materials, but completely worth the effort.

Why Wooden Cutting Boards Need Special Care

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