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Behind the Design: The Griddle System

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Discover some favorite features you'll love about this new addition to your outdoor cooking lineup.

By Emily Borst
May 16, 2023
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When we launched the Carbon Steel Griddle last summer, our primary goal was to bring the power and versatility of restaurant flat tops to home kitchens. Little did we know that it would instantly become a bestselling favorite of our home and chef customers alike, revered for its ability to create perfectly crispy smash burgers and light-as-air pancakes.

We found our customers were using the Griddle in increasingly creative ways: as makeshift planchas and teppanyaki griddles, over bricks in their hearths, on top of rocks above campfires. Because we’re always inspired by our customers, we took these learnings and developed them into The Griddle System, a collection of tools that help you get even more out of your Carbon Steel Griddle. Below, you’ll find info about the design of the Griddle System, along with some callouts of our favorite ways to rig the system for use all summer long.

What Is the Griddle System?

The Griddle System refers to the Griddle and collection of tools that together make an innovative outdoor cooking setup: the Griddle, Griddle Stand, and Lid. Together, these can be used to rig up a meal over the coals in the backyard or over an open fire at a campsite.

Customizable Carbon Steel Construction

Featuring the same Carbon Steel construction that first earned the Griddle awards and acclaim, the two latest additions to the Griddle family—the Grill Griddle and the Half Grill Griddle—also offer superior heat conduction, can safely reach up to 1200F, and boast a much finer temperature control than their cast iron counterparts.

Designed to give you more say over how, what, and where you cook, these new styles feature fully perforated and half-perforated surfaces that allow varying degrees of flame-to-food contact, save time on cleanup, reduce risk of losing food to the coals, and increase the versatility of this high-performance system. All Made In Griddles come pre-seasoned with vegetable oil and are made in Sweden.

Griddle Stands

Forged from Stainless Steel, these stands are durable and strong, yet lightweight enough to transport from car to campsite. They’re able to create a cooking surface over any heat source, with two height settings offering further versatility: At 8.5”, Level 1 is perfect for cooking over spent coals, and at 10.5”, Level 2 is ideal for open-flame cooking.

Their solid construction allows you to insert the Stands into the earth, allowing you to create an even cooking surface on terrain that’s anything but. They’re also compatible with all Made In Griddles, and because the Stands are detachable, you’re still able to use the Griddle on the stove, in the oven, or over the grill. Wherever you are, the Griddle Stands enable you to take your cooking to new heights.

Lids and Grill Press

After our initial launch, there was one request that we heard again and again: lids designed specifically for the Griddle. Obviously, we had no choice but to make it part of the new Griddle System, along with the Stainless Steel Grill Press initially launched with the Griddle.

Both made of Stainless Steel, the Lid and Grill Press serve very different, but complementary, functions. Heat-safe up to 800F, the Lid traps heat and smoke for a bolder flavor, modulates the temperature and style of cooking (Lid on for steaming, off for searing), and keeps food warm until everyone’s ready to eat. Perfect for everything from searing steaks to steaming corn to melting cheese on burgers, the Griddle Lid has got you covered.

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