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Crafted in the historic knife-making capital of the world—Thiers, France—our Steak Knives are full tang, meaning they’re sculpted from a single rod of stainless steel extending from tip to handle. This results in a sharper, perfectly balanced blade.

The design, modeled after the classic non-serrated steak knives found in French bistros, isn’t just aesthetically pleasing—its straight edge, curved tip, and durable stainless steel craftsmanship all work in tandem to yield tender slices that preserve the flavor and texture you worked so hard to build.

Each Steak Knife is as beautiful as it is essential to enjoying your favorite cut. Each Set arrives in a solid wood storage box for safekeeping, until a special occasion (or sudden craving) strikes.

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World Renowned Chefs

When you grab those knives and you go to slice or chop, the handle should feel good in your hand. The Made In knives definitely meet that requirement and they also keep their edge, and that’s really really important
Nancy Silverton
Chef of Mozza, Co-Owner of Mozza Restaurant GroupLos Angeles, CA
Nancy Silverton - Knives